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Eastside Baby Corner helps kids thrive by providing the basic necessities that every child needs.

Imagine going hungry so you can buy food for your little one, or sending your child to school without a winter coat. EBC helps families by relieving the stress of wondering where their babies' next meal is coming from or whether they can afford shoes for their first grader. Each week, dozens of volunteers turn what you donate into customized orders of food, clothing, strollers, diapers, beds and other goods for low-income and homeless children living in our communities.

Eastside Baby Corner makes a positive difference in the lives of children and families in need.  We do this by collecting and purchasing children’s items and distributing them, free of charge, through local social service agencies. We give families help and hope.

Eastside Baby Corner and Friendly Earth team up for laptop drive.

In honor of Earth Month, EBC and environmental nonprofit, Friendly Earth, are teaming up to host a laptop recycle and reuse drive that will benefit both the earth and the kids of King County. Get all of the detail on our News Page or by reading this e-Blog post. Learn more about the impact of giving kids laptops here

Be a part of the inaugural Diaper Derby!

Just like the Triple Crown of horseracing, businesses and organizations enter the race and compete each week in a race to the finish.  Progress around the racetrack (based on the number of diapers collected) is tracked weekly, and results posted on our Facebook page. Learn more here.

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